Aero Charter

Charter flight solutions for your tourist program, ad-hoc needs, sporting or M.I.C.E. events. Aerostar will provide the most appropriate aircraft for your air transport

We offer to pick out and negotiate for you the most adequate charter solution for your single (ad-hoc) flight, seasonal or year-round program. If you are a tour operator and need an airplane for completing the fluency of your tourist package, we can be of outstanding value for you by providing you capacity at the best value for money ratio within this highly specific field. In case you’re a travel agency and have a request from a group, an individual or corporate customer of yours for a charter flight with a small or big airplane and if it involves one or more landings, you can be sure that we shall find out the best possible solution on the market at the most affordable price levels. Or maybe you are not sure if you should make that next step into chartering an airplane yourself? We can combine your needs with those of a charterer who would welcome a partner to co-load (co-charter) an already chartered flight. You require a single ad-hoc flight for customized air transportation aiming to meet yours or your client’s personal, business, M.I.C.E. or sporting event attendance or participation needs? We shall be here for you to arrange a safe, suitable and cost-effective aircraft solution. Let us offer you the wings that shall bring you to your destination in conditions of full serenity, safety and comfort.

We shall arrange and supervise the integrity of every single flight operation, in full compliance to your very requirements, no matter how complex it could be.

  • Seasonal summer and/or winter charter programs
  • All-year round charter programs
  • Ad-hoc flights /for corporate or personal needs/
  • Air transport for attendance or participation at sporting events
  • Air transport for M.I.C.E. events, as well as team building and intra corporate events
  • Block seat offers on charter flights (co-loading)